UBC students can apply to the Neuroscience Program at the end of their first year. Read below for more information.


Select your status below to determine how to apply to the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience.

Students do not apply to the Neuroscience Program directly from high school. Instead, students from high school first make an application to UBC Admissions to enter the faculty of Science. Find more information about applying to UBC Science here.

After your first year in the faculty of Science, you will apply to the Neuroscience specialization (see below).

Students who completed their first year at UBC Science and have recently been promoted to second year standing must apply through the Faculty of Science Second Year Coordinated Specialization application. Information about the Second Year Coordinated Specialization application can be found on the Science Advising website.

To be eligible to apply to the Neuroscience Program through the Coordinated Second Year Specialization Application, students must have completed the prerequisites listed here.

Please be aware: The courses listed under First Year in the Academic Calendar page for Neuroscience are required to graduate with a Neuroscience specialization, but are not required to be taken before application to the program. The only courses you must take before admission to the Neuroscience program are those listed on the Second Year Specialization Application Requirements page.

Students in UBC Science who already have a primary specialization (e.g. major, honours) and are seeking to switch programs into the Neuroscience Major must apply directly to the program through this website. The application form is available from April 1st - April 30th. Please click here to access the application form.

To be eligible to transfer from a different specialization into Neuroscience, students must have completed the following prerequisites.

Science One (SCIE 001)


UBC Science First Year
1. One of CHEM 111 or (CHEM 110+115) or CHEM 121 or (CHEM 120+115) AND one of CHEM 113 or CHEM 123 or (CHEM 130+135) or 8 transfer credits CHEM 1**
2. BIOL 112, 121 AND one of BIOL 140 or BIOL 180 or 8 transfer credits BIOL 1**
3. MATH 100 or 102 or 104 (or 120 or 180 or 184)
4. PHYS 106 or 117 or 131

Applicants are encouraged but not required to have completed the following courses:

1. BIOL 200
2. CHEM 233
3. BIOL 201 or BIOC 202
4. BIOL 234

All prerequisite courses must be completed before applying to the Neuroscience Program. Courses completed after the Winter term ends in April will not be considered in your application.

Please be aware: This application to change specializations will result in entry to Year 2 Neuroscience. You will not have completed sufficient Year 2 Neuroscience courses to be eligible for promotion to Year 3 in the program. It is probable that transferring into Neuroscience will delay your graduation by at least a term, and likely by a year.

Students who are transferring from another institution to UBC must first apply to UBC Admissions. Upon admission into the Faculty of Science, UBC Admissions will determine your year. If you are given Year 3 standing, you will be eligible to apply to the program directly. If you are given Year 2 standing, you will apply through the Second Year Coordinated Specialization Application.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Undergraduate Neuroscience Advisor, Ryan Bouma (