Students in the Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience are supported by both faculty and program advisors. Make informed decisions about your degree with the help of your academic advisors.

Science Advising

Science Advising supports the academic success of students in the Faculty of Science.

Neuroscience students can meet with Science Advising to receive help with general inquiries. Topics include:

• applying for a minor
• taking a term off
• Faculty level requirements
• taking summer courses
• determining if you’re eligible to graduate

Science Advising also provides support to students with extenuating circumstances impacting their academic life.

Neuroscience Advising

The Undergraduate Neuroscience Advisor can help you with any question you have regarding the program.

Academic advisor: Ryan Bouma
Email address:

To request an appointment with Ryan, send an email to the address above with a brief explanation of the reason for your appointment. Before contacting, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below, as your inquiry may already have been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are seeking admission to UBC, apply through UBC admissions.

If you are currently studying at UBC, admission to the Neuroscience program is possible through the coordinated admissions process. To be eligible to apply to join the Neuroscience program in June, you need to have met the specialization requirements by the end of the winter term, in April.

No, only students in the Neuroscience program may register for NSCI courses.